GitHub CEO Nat Friedman 回应限制伊朗等国用户账户事件

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman 于当地时间 07 月 27 日发布数条推文回应了 GitHub 限制部分被美国制裁的国家的用户使用 GitHub 一事。

以下是 Nat Friedman 的原推及参考译文。

原推 1:

It is painful for me to hear how trade restrictions have hurt people. We have gone to great lengths to do no more than what is required by the law, but of course people are still affected. GitHub is subject to US trade law, just like any company that does business in the US.

翻译 1:

当我听到贸易制裁伤害到了人们的时候,我感到很痛苦。我们竭尽全力使我们的行为符合法律的要求,但是确实有人仍然受到了伤害。就像许多在美国开展业务的公司一样,GitHub 必须服从美国法律。

原推 2:

To comply with US sanctions, we unfortunately had to implement new restrictions on private repos and paid accounts in Iran, Syria, and Crimea.

Public repos remain available to developers everywhere – open source repos are NOT affected.

翻译 2:



原推 3:

The restrictions are based on place of residence and location, not on nationality or heritage. If someone was flagged in error, they can fill out a form to get the restrictions lifted on their account within hours.

More info is on our policy page:

翻译 3:



原推 4:

Users with restricted private repos can also choose to make them public. Our understanding of the law does not give us the option to give anyone advance notice of restrictions.

翻译 4:


原推 5:

We’re not doing this because we want to; we’re doing it because we have to. GitHub will continue to advocate vigorously with governments around the world for policies that protect software developers and the global open source community.

翻译 5:


GitHub 将继续向世界上各个国家大力倡导保护软件开发人员和开源社区的政策。

注:以上英文“原推”内容来自 Nat Friedman 的推特” @natfriedman”, 中文译文仅供参考,如果译文与原文存在冲突,请以原文为准。