TeamViewer 近期被黑传闻官方回应:仍可安全使用

TeamViewer 官方人员于 2019 年 10 月 13 日在 TeamViewer 论坛中发帖回应了 TeamViewer 近期被黑的传闻,帖文中表示,TeamViewer 仍然是安全的,并且近期没有发生重大安全事件。



FireEye clarification regarding misleading Social Media post

Dear all,

At a recent conference of cyber security vendor FireEye, a presentation referenced historic security events related to TeamViewer. This has been picked up on Social Media in a misleading way including non-factual conclusions.

最近,在网络安全供应商 FireEye 的一个会议上,一个报告中提到了历史上和 TeamViewer 有关的一次安全事件,这在社交媒体上产生了误导,使人们得出了一些错误的结论。

TeamViewer is safe to use. In a statement, FireEye has made clear that they are not implying a compromise of TeamViewer or a previously undisclosed incident. This clarification corresponds to the assessment of leading external security experts.

使用 TeamViewer 仍然是安全的。在一份声明中,FireEye 已经澄清,他们不是在暗示 TeamViewer 的妥协或者此前未披露的事件。这份澄清回应了外部安全专家对本次事件的评定。

TeamViewer is committed to the highest standards of cyber security, data integrity, and customer privacy. We invest heavily to ensure the best possible security for the connectivity solutions our users trust in.

TeamViewer 一向承诺保证高标准的网络安全,数据完整和客户隐私。我们不遗余力地投入来确保我们提供的网络连接解决方案具有尽可能高的安全性,这是用户对我们的信任。