Tumblr 被 WordPress.com 母公司 Automattic 以 300 万美元收购

2019 年 08 月 13 日,WordPress.com 的母公司 Automattic 在其官方推特上宣布 Tumblr 已经加入 Automattic:

Figure 1. from twitter.com/automattic

根据有关消息,这次收购的价格是 300 万美元。以下是在此之前 Tumblr 的部分发展历程:

2007 年 02 月,Tumblr 正式上线;

2016 年,Tumblr 的月访问量达到 5.5 亿;

2013 年,Tumblr 被雅虎以 11 亿美元收购;

2017 年,Tumblr 又被 Verizon 收购;

2018 年,Tumblr 开始限制站内的成人内容,此后网站访问量明显降低。

Tumblr 的创始人之一 Matt Mullenweg 在其位于 Tumblr 的博客上发文表示:

I look forward to working with everyone from Tumblr as we welcome them to Automattic, and I can’t wait for us to build great products together.


之后,他还在自己的个人网站 ma.tt 上发表了自己对个这个收购价格的看法:

First, they chose to find a new home for Tumblr instead of shutting it down. Second, they considered not just how much cash they would get on day one, but also — and especially — what would happen to the team afterward, and how the product and the team would be invested in going forward. Third, they thought about the sort of steward of the community the new owner would be. They didn’t have to do any of that, and I commend them for making all three points a priority.


Automattic 旗下的 WordPress 和 Tumblr 都是博客平台,就我个人的感受而言,WordPress 是一个更侧重桌面端的博客平台,而 Tumblr 则是一个更侧重手机端的博客平台。因此,此次收购应该可以在未来起到优势互补的作用。