Crew Dragon Hardware Put to the Test(龙飞船开始进行硬件测试)

SpaceX的龙飞船正在NASA位于俄亥俄州的Plum Brook站点接受关于太空推进设备的测试。这是世界上唯一一个能够在模拟的高空环境中测试全尺寸高级运载工具和火箭发动机的地方。这个实验仓将允许SpaceX和NASA验证龙飞船是否有能力经受太空的真空环境和极端的温度。

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A Slice of Glory (一片壮丽)

If you have ever seen a series of concentric rings of color near a mist or fog, you have likely seen a glory. This colorful optical phenomenon, bright red on the outside and blue toward the center, forms when water droplets scatter sunlight back toward a source of light.

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NASA: ‘X’-ploring the Eagle Nebula and ‘Pillars of Creation’(’X射线’-探索巨蛇座鹰状星云和"创造之柱")

This new composite image shows the region around the Pillars, which are about 5,700 light years from Earth. The image combines X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope optical data. The optical image, taken with filters to emphasize the interstellar gas and dust, shows dusty brown nebula immersed in a blue-green haze, and a few stars that appear as pink dots in the image. The Chandra data reveal X-rays from hot outer atmospheres from stars. In this image, low, medium, and high-energy X-rays detected by Chandra have been colored red, green, and blue.

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NASA: The Heart of Madagascar(马达加斯加之心)

As the International Space Station flew overhead, NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold captured this photograph of a changing landscape in the heart of Madagascar, observing drainage into the sea in the Betsiboka Estuary due to decimation of rainforests and coastal mangroves.

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"机遇号"火星车的移动轨迹/The Trajectory of The Opportunity Mars Rover


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