Linus Torvalds: “我不再是一名程序员了”

在最近于法国里昂举办的 Open Source Summit Europe 讨论会上,Linux 创始人 Linus Torvalds 讲述了他目前的工作以及他对于自己工作的看法。

Linus Torvalds 说:

“I don’t know coding at all anymore. Most of the code I write is in my e-mails. So somebody sends me a patch … I [reply with] pseudo code. I’m so used to editing patches now I sometimes edit patches and send out the patch without having ever tested it. I literally wrote it in the mail and say, ‘I think this is how it should be done,’ but this is what I do, I am not a programmer. “




[1]. Linus Torvalds: ‘I’m not a programmer anymore’