Solve the Problem of ownCloud: ‘No Keychain Service Available’ on Ubuntu 18.04

Operating Environment

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
ownCloud client version: 2.4.1

Problem Description

I use ownCloud in Ubuntu and I add one account to it. But whenever I reboot Ubuntu, ownCloud will tell me: “No keychain service available” and I’ll be asked to enter the password once, as show in the figure 1:

Figure 1
Figure 1

Once I enter the password, ownCloud will work properly. But once I restart Ubuntu Linux, that happens again and again. Passwords should be stored, but it didn’t.

Solve the Problem

I found a solution on Github through Bing and that link is HERE. It seems that I am not the only one who has encountered this problem.

The solution is very simple, installing:

sudo apt install libgnome-keyring0

Then, reboot Ubuntu Linux, after you log in to the system, you will be asked to enter a password once, only once, whether you restart Ubuntu or not, you will not be asked to enter ownCloud’s password again unless you exit ownCloud account.

This problem has been solved.